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Fracking Approved in Illinois House & Senate

SB 1715, sponsored by Sen. Mike Frerichs (D-Champaign) and Rep. John Bradley (D-Marion), setting up regulation of hydraulic fracturing passed both chambers and will now be sent to the Governor for his consideration.  The legislation includes the most protective regulations for high volume horizontal hydraulic fracturing anywhere in the nation.  Among the regulations are well construction and casing standards, setback requirements, water testing requirements, and waste management procedures.  Protections for surface landowners are also included in the bill, with specific requirements for the repair of land following drilling and following the useful life of the well.  The bill includes a “severance” tax on the oil and gas extraction.  The tax will be assessed on the oil that is collected from wells at 3% on the total value of oil in the first two years of the life of the well.  In subsequent years the tax will be between 3% and 6% based on a sliding scale related to the production of the well.  If a well produces less than 15 barrels of oil a month, a tax will not be applied.  A tax credit was also created that reduces the amount of the severance tax paid by working interest owners by .25% for wells where more than half of employees are Illinois workers paid at least the prevailing wage.  This solution was supported by both the oil and gas industry and the unions as an appropriate way to encourage the hiring of Illinois workers for the jobs associated with hydraulic fracturing. 

SB 1715 passed the House with a vote of 108 yes votes and 9 no votes and the Senate with a vote of 52 yes, 3 no, and 4 present votes.


Welcome to the Illinois Association of Groundwater Professional’s (IAGP) website. It is your one-stop qualified resource for information about groundwater and its utilization.  Groundwater is the sole source of water for 52 of our 102 Illinois counties.  Other counties may use a combination of groundwater and surface water for residential and commercial uses.

Groundwater is accessed for drinking, irrigation and commercial use by private water wells, municipal wells (city water) and for its geothermal heating and cooling properties used in heating and air-conditioning our homes, businesses and industries. Is groundwater renewable? The hydrological cycle (the “travel-log” of groundwater) tells us groundwater is a continuous supply.  However to make sure it is a usable and sustainable supply, we must make sure it is protected from contamination and that measures of conservation to prevent waste are always in place. It can take hundreds, even thousands of years for aquifers (water tables) to be recharged through the hydrological cycle. Mark this site as a favorite on your web browser and become more informed about nature’s greatest and priceless natural resource. Future generations are depending on all of us to be guardians and protectors of groundwater.

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The Illinois Association of Groundwater Professionals is dedicated to the protection and efficient utilization of groundwater, providing programs that support industry professionalism and providing consumer information about water wells and groundwater.


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